Sunday, 2 July 2017

when is a fly not a fly or is it a lure

well that indeed is the question , you know i still laugh when i look at my flys well if you saw one of those around your head you wouldn't be swatting it you'd be running in the other direction i think , yea you know we call flies "flies" in the loosest possible way because whet we are aiming for is actually to make something that looks like a fish from fur and feathers (or synthetics) so technically not a fly so we are not technically fly fishing or are we , we dont cast a fly we cast a bait fish , we use fly rods as the method of delivering the fish to "the fish"  i suppose we are just waiting for somebody to come up with the right terminology for what we do with the fly rod or am i just thinking too much into this .......probably .

so kinda on the same track after the success of my new casting fly for lure rods i decided to look more into it because some people have said to me "well you know i love the look of flies but i cant fly fish" this usually means the guys are stuck on just fishing with lure rods or dont want to fork out a load of money for new gear to do it .

its quite funny , i remember a guy from a biggish club in the uk that saw some fish being caught on flies and wanted to jump on the bandwagon and be one of the cool guys so of he went and spent a bloody fortune on gear and headed to his local to fish , after a few days a post was made on there forum asking how the said chap got on well the reply was something like this 

"went for a few hours and didnt catch anything , this fly fishing isn't for me cant get any distance" 

he then promptly sold all his fly stuff without ever going again or experiencing the joy of a fly caught pike . you know every club or social media page has one , that one guy who really has all the gear and no idea , in fact what he should have done was gone with somebody who could show him the ropes  how to cast etc this is really something you dont just pick up in an hour like chucking a half a dead fish out and watching your rod or listening for a beep beep beep of your alarm. 

its something that takes a hell of a lot of practice over a long time , but you can be competent enough to chuck a fairly decent line in a few hours with some help but every time you go out your still learning and fine tuning what you do , some people take to it some dont  , i love fly fishing as a beautiful art form and am constantly learning every time i go out even after all these years .

stick with it the rewards are great 

so back to the original question when is a fly not a fly , well when its a lure so after the tests with the casting lure i decided that even the first design i did cast well enough and got enough distance to keep even that  mentioned club member happy and this was only a smallish lure so i sat at the vice and had a look at materials and thought about how i was going to build the perfect fly/lure and after a while i came up with these .

these are around 10 inchs long with epoxy coated heads , the reason these are only coated is that i wanted to create a lure that was heavy enough for a good cast but also light enough to be able to dance in the water 

these are only proto types at the moment and plan to make a few more before i field test them , fishing them the correct way is what will make them fish , as i said before the heads are not solid like your average jerkbait it coated on the outside the reason for this is i want to be able to fish them like a sink and draw style from the old days of pike bait fishing where you would let the fish sink to the bottom then lift your rod to raise it up , wind in the slack while its sinking and repeat , this way you will take full advantage of the materials movement in the water which will be something like this fly below 


im sure you get the idea but if the head was to heavy it would sink to fast and the materials wouldn't be able to do there job properly because im relining on the movement of the materials to provoke a strike ,   predator instinct and all that .

now the other way of fishing this is to fish it like a jerk bait with short taps of the rod tip to impart movement , now this i haven't tried yet but knowing how my flys work and having done a lot of jerkbait way back before it became popular with the masses im pretty sure that these will act the same way . so what next 

well hopefully by the time your reading this i will have been out and tried them and hopefully got some underwater footage also , im also toying with the idea of placing stinger hooks at the rear so will make a couple of those up also  for testing , but watch this space as there seems to be a bit of interest in these from my non fly fishing pals .

anyway onward and upwards

(a cave in scotland)


Thursday, 29 June 2017

testing flies


hi folks just thought id share a recent video testing out some new stuff including my pal craig testing out my new casting flies for lure rods enjoy 

( a loch in scotland) 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

cave mumblings


a massive well done to amos paul mak on this cracking 20lb something oz carp caught on one of my flies during a kayak predator fishing comp on a fishery in engerland last weekend   

a really great catch on the fly and what a battle he had , far better than catching them on big rods and boillies and far more sporting 

gor to say a massive thanks to amos for sending the picture in as a lot of people catch a lot of fish but for obvious reasons they dont want the piking circus descending on there venues and i totally respect that . but thanks again amos great fish .


my cave is many things , my away place , my place where i put ideas onto hooks , my place where i make things to catch predatory creatures in dark waters , my place where i go for sanctuary , my place i go to make my living , most of all all its the place i go to be me . this is where im most happy and where i can really be free to create at whatever time i want 

my fiance is very understanding of who i am  

below is a few examples of whats been coming out the cave 

i love experimenting with colors and materials this is just something that hit me one night when i saw a dolphin fish on TV and thought hmmmmmm thats quite awesome colors so of i went and produced this . im also keen on green and orange as you can see in the background

superhair baitfish   

Ssuperhair is a material i enjoy working with , its quite stiff but you can do a lot with it , in this case a stiff slimmer type of baitfish but also mixed with some saddle hackle to produce a nice looking slim baitfish 

same tye but with grizzled hackle and a deer creek gator eye these eyes really set off any fly  check out those colors 

the fly above is made pretty much completely of gliss n mix and with a plain 8mm eye, this has an amazing action in the water , pulsing and enticing , the head is finished with deercreeks new builder uv 


thundercreeks are a wee passion of mine and i make these for fun on streamer hooks , you know these are such a fantastic fly and so easy to make and a great starter fly if you want to delve into the world of predator fly tying .

these are so easy to fish a well you can cast and strip em back or you cant figure of 8 em back or you can even just dead drift em , they will catch an inordinate amount of species in both fresh and saltwater  such a fantastic pattern .and only made from bucktail and a bit of flash 

i have branched out a little on these as you do and im starting to experiment with different materials , like marabou and im enjoying the results so far .

 writing the blog beer break 

subsurface lumieye roach 
( still perfecting this pattern but looking good so far) 

halfway through a custom build in the cave , i love when people give me there ideas to put on hooks and its funny when they go "oh a bit of this and a bit of that and oh can you make it like this to do this " well so far all has gone as planned and the folks keep coming back so im doing something right 

the picture above is one such order and the customer was very specific about what he wanted and im happy to say he is delighted with the build although he wont be using them on his river till the first frosts come , love getting things right .

of course in between orders i do make some for myself as well , "like i need anymore flies" and the above is kinda like one of my fried alive baitfish only bigger and im really excited to be fishing this bugger just feels like its going to nail em 

of course its not all about synthetic materials i do still love my natural patterns and the big 10 inch pattern above is pretty much all natural but also jointed these things are great to use and really stir up the preds , this fly is designed to fish like a jig and on the bottom with hook up , killer pattern i reckon 

another bespoke order , client wanted a silver belly with a black back , happy to oblige , i must point out that all the bespoke ties are the property of the person who designed it , i always ask if it is ok to share the pattern and if not then thats fine it dosnt get reproduced or sold to other folks , just to make that clear . 

im now selling limited flies i do in between bespoke orders these are proving very popular and usually sell in no time so keep an eye on the Facebook page , alternatively if you need flies please just mail me  

the only limit is your imagination 

so thats pretty much it for now im off doing some subbug fishing next week so hopefully have some green things on video and im not talking my partner for the day duke who will be trying something completely different ......stay tuned 

(a cave in scotland)

Friday, 9 June 2017

new cave progress


first off i have to give a big shout out to my friend Chris Vincent for supplying me with my favorite mag you sir are a legend , was waiting for me when i got home so poured a wine and got stuck in (enjoy the flies chris)  , fantastic read and always good to have a different perspective on things , and in the near future i plan to make every fly in an issue , not sure time wise because ..................... 


im building a new cave at the moment , its a slow progress due to work commitments but ive started to get some semblance of order and ive started to sort my boxes out

there is a fair bit to sort out im realizing that ive bitten off slightly more than i can chew .....ooops

ok head into gear and a couple of hook boxes on the wall that will do , right next to where ill be sitting , i like to not have to move a lot when im tying flies  i like everything close at hand and i like to know where every thing is , this saves a whole lotta time when tying lots of different patterns 

the actually process of getting a nice area of space to tye on was really a matter of how much i could fit bench wise and i needed to also store boxes on the back of the work space , so myself and the wifefish headed up to out local diy store to see what they had , i did have an idea in my head of what i needed and i originally though some pine planks would do the job and i could just cut them down to size to fit the gap and give me the width i needed , but then i found some loft flooring which came in a pack of 3 and actually was the right width so absolutely perfect so 2 made up the main tying deck and one made up the shelf and a fraction of the cost of what i was going to do originally.

first off i fitted some batons on the side walls these were screwed in to wall with monster screws  and then added the 1st shelf above the desk   

taking shape and fitting well 

so a few tweeks some more storage boxes added and i painted the desk white this was to reflect the tying light i was putting in and i needed to add a camera for tying videos .

so the final set up is above and ive had about a week to play and tinker and record videos , the light i picked up from ikea and i was really surprised how much light this threw out absolutely perfect for tying , the apeman camera is on a clip so i can clip it it on the shelf and angle as i need

and there you have it my new cave , ok so ill probably add a few things as time goes on , like a jack Daniels dispenser and some speakers for my metal but thats about it done and dusted

happy scotsman

ok so below ive included some new tying videos from the cave hope you enjoy , ill be adding stuff fairly regularly now so heres a couple of samples from my youtube channel enjoy.

and im now in production mode so if you need some fluff please contact me through the usually ways or mail me direct at 

see you all soon

(a cave in scotland )

Saturday, 13 May 2017

life in video and social media


so social media be it Facebook , Instagram , pintrest , twitter whatever your daily vice its worth noting that these are fantastic outlets for making friends , swapping patters and flies or general fishyness i for one love browsing around looking at flies or what new materials are hitting the market and where to get them.

but theirs a downside trend ive noticed and thats people seem to be neglecting there blogs in favor of other media outlets  ive noticed that a lot of great blogs that are in the side menu haven't posted in mouths and years and that is a real shame as there are some fantastic fishy bloggers that seen to have just given up in favor of there own pages on Facebook , 

you know this is a bad move on there part because you can both at the same time and you know it may surprise you that not everybody has Facebook and some people just like to browse blogs and well who can blame them , so please guys if you haven't updated for a while please do, you have people (like me) who love to read them .

the other thing ive noticed is that photo sharing media site called Instagram which actually is fantastic check me out on there "mcfluffchucker" has loads of folks that are also on Facebook but post more pics on insta than Facebook OK thats cool love checking the pics out  but the other great thing like Facebook is the ability to stream live which actually i love so you get a warts and all tying video (my fiance often makes an appearance as you can see from below) but hey we are all human and make the odd mistake when tying so you got to have a very large pair to get through that one let me tell you .


so back to Instagram great idea but you can stream a live video but cant save it which is a pain so i often do one on instagram and one on facebook (which you can save) and thats pretty cool in the fact that your actually tying live and chatting to people while your doing it , and you know i prefer doing these to youtube as you have direct interaction with folks , and well you can have a laugh along the way as well (way too many serious people out there in fly tying world lighten up fellas) . 


so anyway i just wish the guys in the side menu blogs would update them , aint going to delete them of there as i hope they will start posting again especially my bro mr capsey was always very entertaining so come on fellas  please update em.

ok so yea i know we all lead busy lives with work and family's and fishing and its not always possible to up date stuff ,well i know this from my own experience but im trying my best to update every 3 or for weeks , and more if i go fishing so i have no intentions of stopping blogging .

so what new , well actually not too much since last post really , again been busy with the work thing , but the other day i was out with my wife to be to do some shopping and happened upon one of these second had electrical shops so had a quick browse and saw a brand new unused apeman action camera as below 

it was such a good price that i had to snap it up and to be honest i was looking for one of these anyway and really didn't want to pay for a go pro (expensive) so i thought i would take the chance 

soon as i got it home i checked out some online reviews and was presently surprised at what i found all pretty positive and my pal cez from pike and slippers said he actually had one and was a great bit of kit so if it good enough for him that will do me .

nice underwater housing a s well which im going to have lots of fun with in the summer 

so i charged the battery up and i decided to have a bash at the time lapse setting as a start as im going to do a tying session while using this setting , so i set it up in the back garden and gave it a try and have to say was quite impressed at the results 


so looking ahead im heading out on tues i think to fish weather permitting with my pal duke  and will be dabbling about in the salt and hopefully  getting some cool footage .

in the mean time stay safe folks 

Monday, 1 May 2017

fly tying times


so this week has seen me playing about with something different , well  actually after my foray into trout last week i got home  and decided that i really needed to sort out my trout flies , thing is i have loads of bloody boxes of various sizes and various flies in them in no particular order and to be honest my trout stuff is pretty much shoved in a grab and go bag .

so after i got back from my trip i was clearing out the bag as i had some bits of rubbish in there (always take your rubbish home no excuse to leave it , you got it out your bag you can put it back in) and i came across my maggot flies in a box at the bottom of the bag and im thinker bugger i wish id seen those so it was pretty much straight down to Edinburgh angling center to purchase some new boxes , i settled on these slim boxes and set to work filling them up , well actually i only got a couple of small boxes swapped over and had to go to bed , seriously i couldn't believe how long it took to transfer flies over . 

so anyway i thought to myself  im going to have to whip up a few new flies as i now have the space even after i emptied all my boxes so i thought yea do some more so i though yea more maggots , can never have enough maggots so id put a picture up on facebook and fellow blogger cez from pike and slippers blog  said he wouldn't mind trying them on his local river so because i know him im like yea cool will send you a couple up but them of course i remembered his sidekick Rachel so id pretty much have to do 2 of each for the pair of them or they would just disappear into her box . so i set upon the task  

actually maggot flies are fairly easy to make , here is a short video on how to do em 

i keep saying it but im a fan of products that work and im a massive fan of deercreeks uvs  they really do cure tack free if you want to try it the links are on the side menu you wont be disappointed.

so back to the job in hand cez and Rachels maggots  , well i actually went a little overboard 

and thought well ill do them some bugz that have done well for me before so knocked out a couple of pink maggots 

and then i thought well actually the green robo buzzers with the green wire used to be quite cool as well so did a couple of them for then 

then i thought what about with black heads yea thats cool give em a couple of those as well 

oh and then i remembered the red and white robo buzzers i used to do really well on the roach and grayling , oh hell couple of them as well

and as we speak they should have them in there hand by now and hopefully catching some fish fairly soon tight lines guys 


ok so received some new hooks from nick at deercreek and i have to say im quite impressed , the last hooks i tried were the fulling mill predator hooks and was like there African made flies less than impressed and pretty much binned them as being totally not up to the job , so it was nice to see a better quality hook from the folks at ahrex who obviously know what there fishing for , as i understand they are of Scandinavian origin and clearly know what there talking about when it comes to hooks 

i like the quality of these hooks and are not in the least flimsy and bendy like a lot of so called predator Aberdeen's can be , these also have a nice gape even on the 1/0 and although obviously very strong they are also very light im bloody impressed actually and will be looking to try there saltwater hooks also as im sure they will be of the same quality 

oh and there bloody sharp 

so with a little time om my hands i decided to make a few for my own boxes 

because i find fly tying very therapeutic and i love to see things develop on the hooks  , im often flattered by the messages i get but you know as the sun goes down im just a guy who enjoys what he does and passing that info over to others , theirs so many dick head wannabes and know it alls in this game and i really cant be arsed with these people 

you know many years ago i had a phone call from this chap who had seen some of my flies long before all the synthetics became abundant and wanted to know where i got my materials from and in return promised me some free materials and stuff so i could tye flies and put them on my blog and stuff and you know getting free material for me was fantastic as i had a crap job at the time and my wages were only just covering the bills so this meant i wouldn't have to worry  to much about finding funds for new materials great i thought , well how wrong i was.

once he had the info i was never called or emailed again by this fat parasite who actually has done over a few people to get where he is now pretty shocking really but you live and learn and i have a long memory .

and you know theirs the flip side  to this because shortly after that i met nick from deercreek and he has constantly stood behind me and sent me stuff to try and that why ill always recommend his product because hes a straight talking down to earth guy with a down to earth family business  so thats why i have the links in the side menu to help him as he helped me, nick hats of to ya pal you deserve all that you have achieved without the need to stab people in the back , any way i digress

summer is rapidly creeping up on us and i need to fill a couple of spaces in the box and this pattern is my go to saltwater fly for pretty much anything that swims around our shores 

a cracking wee fly that can be fished in among the kelp for the Pollock that live there or is just at home on sandy beaches for flatfish or even sea trout these catch em all oh and fly fishing for mackerel these are awesome , a great all round fly . 

this fly actually is also very good on canals and has accounted for some fine perch as well ( although not by me ) and a great little natural pattern that isn't  to complicated to tie and catches fish and after all thats what its all about the old adage keep it simple works well for a reason .

anyway so while i was digging through boxes i came across a box of stuff i had forgotten about , i seriously dont know how i do that but anyway i found it and it had lots of cool bits and pieces in it and this got me to thinking i should start tying the traditional  american streamer again , now ive always had an interest in these flies as they are so nice to tie and can be done in so many variations .

 i actually call these my therapy flies as i tye huuners of pike flies every year and design many more so this is my escape , although these flies are nothing new and have been around for many many years in fact a potted history can be found here 

i just like to tye them for myself and sometimes fish them , maybe i should fish them more actually and dont really see a lot of uk anglers using them although there widely used in the states for trout but then the uk has always been a little behind the usa in techniques and no doubt heads would turn and mumblings of discontent would be heard from the tweed set if you turned up on a chalk stream with these   

so below is an example of some that came of the vice recently and to be honest i think im going to need a new fly box to keep em in oh jesus what have i started .

a simple pattern in classic perch catching colors 

the heads are finished with deercreeks uv fine and its a perfect combination for these flies to be honest and they give me the perfect head , in planning on experimenting with these to see what i can come up with , and the uv will be high in the ingredients list , i know i keep going on about it but i only use the best in my tying and deercreeks uv is simply the best out there , far superior to the likes of bug bond (actually cant stand the stuff ) . 

classic little stickleback pattern all natural 

another classic color like the gold shaft on this and this is a colour combo i think im going to develop (stay tuned )  

one of my favorites of the session was this one above a classic kinda rainbow trout colour with the twist of fake jungle cock which even my brother ken (half man half muskie) capsey liked and well lets face it if brother ken likes it then im onto a winner lol

this however is my favorite , mix of blue and white with subtle hints of flash and a black head (this is just black thread with a head of deercreeks builder uv, quite an amazing uv and make bloody perfect heads if you haven't tried it then i strongly suggest you do you wont look back 

click on the link below to go to deercreeks website 

so thats that for now i have to go back to work , but next time ill have even more flees and ive received a great new uv torch so will have a tying demo video , this thing is really the dogs stay tuned

(a cave in Scotland)